Litas - Let 'Em Have It

Let me finally discuss my animosity towards Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I get it girls, a little bit of edginess in an outfit goes a long way. Pairing a floral maxi skirt and lace corset top would otherwise look too feminine for my taste without some sick heels to make you look (at least) a little bit badass. I know, I know, that's when you add the Litas and all is well in the world. Right? No. Just when these thick-heeled, chunky shoes should be on their way out, many girls are delightfully shoe-ing them in. Even blatant knock offs have popped up everywhere, and while Jeffrey Campbell's good quality compensates for the Litas lack of judgement, the knock offs are all-around awful (as are all knock offs).

This is the Uggs phenomenon all over again. People purchased Uggs for their "comfort" factor, and ladies are purchasing Litas for their "unique", "trendy", and "edgy" factor. However, when you go out and purchase those trendy Lita booties, it actually comes across quite boring. Is it because people typically like to play it safe with trends? A good amount of people go for the most typical and simple one to avoid going out of style. Or is it just that people are lazy when it comes to finding an awesome statement shoe? My opinion on trends is to not over invest, and to pick items that will be versatile in your closet. However, when it comes to a statement shoe, it's best to go big or go home. Don't get me wrong, I'm a girl who likes the versatility of neutral toned shoes as well. But statement shoes are meant to stand out, and the only statement that your black leather Litas make are boring as hell. If you can't stray away from the practicality of black shoes, then at least try these by JC.

This trend that has lasted for far too long ultimately comes across as a loss of personality... Not to mention, the shoe does nothing to accentuate the sexiness of a foot, and your legs look like they're stuffed into a double-decker deli sandwich. Instead of getting pissed that you blew $160+ on these hyped up letdowns, here are some other options that you can lust into. At least you'll add personality, as well as edge, back into your outfit.

Light & Airy: Loeffler Randall - $395.00 (left), BE & D - $585.00 (right)
Bold & Badass: Sole Boutique - $95.00 (left), UNIF - $242.00 (right)
*Please note - UNIF Hellbounds shit on Jeffrey Campbell Litas in the magical land of distorted platform shoes.

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  1. At first I totally agreed with you, and I completely respect the opinions of everyone who doesn't like Litas. I hated them myself, until I saw them on my own foot. Here are two amazing things about Litas that most people don't know:

    1) they let flat-footed girls experiment with high heels. I could never wear anything over 2 1/2 inches because, well, I couldn't. I'd just fall flat on my face. I have no arch to my foot. It wasn't from laziness-- my body just wasn't shaped that way. Lo and behold, Litas trick the mind into thinking these heels are "high" while it's actually the platform doing the trick.

    2)They lengthen the look of short girls' legs. I think Litas tend to look a lot better on slightly curvy, shorter girls than your typical modelesque tall, thin girl. When I see these shoes on models, I squirm. But when I, a totally normally-shaped girl, look in the mirror, I think, "wow, I've tricked my legs into looking like they're an appropriate (that is, fashionable) height"

    I didn't buy my Litas to be particularly "fashionable"; they've just become my standard going-out shoe, rather than a statement piece. Not to mention that I live in an area where NOBODY else wears Litas, or really even knows what they are. Maybe if I still lived in NYC I'd consider getting a different kind of JC shoe, maybe one with more "style" or "personality", as you say. But here in Boston, where would I wear them? There's no locale trendy enough for miles. Besides, I don't make enough money to buy shoes without ever wearing them. So Litas fill a number of different wardrobe holes for me.

    Just offering a different opinion. :)