Unexpected Beauty Secrets

I discovered the magic of this product one hungover morning. You know, that feeling when you down about five water bottles after a night out, but you still feel dehydrated - and your face feels stiff and dull. I knew regular moisturizer wouldn't suffice because my skin would just drink it right up. I wanted something to last through the night and renew my complexion, if you will. After searching through my medicine cabinet for a product that would work as a super-moisturizer, I decided to give Aquaphor a try. I hadn't used it since my last tattoo, which was pathetically 3 years ago. I loaded it on my face and immediately felt that ultra moisture my skin was craving. I woke up with a dewy complexion, and invisible pores. Truly a miracle product. I will be applying Aquaphor at night on a weekly basis, regardless or not of a hangover.

After trying it out and being completely satisfied, I thought it was a good idea to look up if putting Petroleum Jelly on my face was actually safe. Luckily, it is safe... and can be used a number of ways that will save you $$.

Perfume life - Apply some Aquaphor to the skin before spritzing on your perfume to elongate the scent of your perfume. 

Tame eyebrows - I'm super obsessive over my eyebrows. Even when I'm not wearing any makeup, I need to fill in my brows (using Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo). I finish off my brows with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel to ensure that the hair doesn't awkwardly move during the day. Little did I know that $21.00 tube could be replaced by Aquaphor. I noticed no difference in my brows when applying the Aquaphor in replacement of Anastasia's product.

Dry cuticles - This is often an issue for me, and Aquaphor was an easy fix. However, what Aquaphor was lacking here was a nice scent, so I think I'll stick with my hand cremes for this one. I definitely recommend  this if you're sensitive to fragrances, though.

Smooth hair - Being in between hair cuts can leave us with frizzy locks, which ain't so pretty. Throwing your hair in a bun can be an easy fix, but if you're like me... I put together outfits based on how I'm going to wear my hair that day. Put (just a little) Aquaphor on your fingertip, and spread evenly to your other fingers. Gently dab your fingertips to the ends of your hair, giving it just enough to conceal the dead ends without looking oily. 


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    1. thanks so much!! i really appreciate it :)

  2. Hey! Love your photos and blog. i use this product too. Its really good for dry elbow, and it's cheap. :)

    I am following you now. Hope you'll do it back.

    I also have a giveaway right now. Come check it out if you have time.


    1. thank you so much! yeah i love how affordable it is, especially because it can be used for so many different things. i have so many luxury creams laying around that i never use..but i keep going back to aquaphor for everything haha

      thanks for the follow! i followed back

  3. ummmm where the hell can I find this???
    Been needing something totally similar and have found a few brands but this sounds PERFECT!

    1. in the US you can buy it at any drugstore, but i'm not too sure where to find it in Australia! good luck.. try online! xx