Caine Smith: The Important Life Lesson We Can All Take Away From an 11 Year Old

Take a look at Caine Smith: At first glance, it's easy to pass judgement that he's just your average 11-year-old. But the difference between Caine and his peers is that he knows the power of his voice and isn't afraid to use it. Having suffered from bullying everyday for having 2 moms and long hair, he decided to take a stand and do something about it. He didn't stop with his teacher or his principal. Caine Smith was on a mission to speak out for anyone who had to suffer from harassment. 

The video below, courtesy of The Bully Project, focuses on Caine's tough battle and what he said to make it come to an end. His brave mission was to, "speak out, and rise up, and help each other out to get rid of bullying." I love seeing anyone take a stand for what they believe in, especially someone young. I personally know what it's like to deal with constant harassment and how difficult it can be to build yourself back up after dealing with it. "This past year has been difficult. I have had daily harassment," said Caine.

Caine's brilliant and brave efforts extend to help more than just his own personal battles. He understands there are so many others out there dealing with similar issues, and to that he speaks out, "Not all of them are fortunate to have the support of their families. Not many of them are even strong enough to speak out about what is happening to them. So here I am, Caine Smith to speak out on the behalf of those students."

Serious hats off to his parents for raising such a strong-willed, awesome child. Visit thebullyproject.com for more information.

xo Cee

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