The Importance of Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving is supposed to be a day to feel warm, full, and happy. It's supposed to be a time to come together and be there for one another. However, I want you to remember that life isn't always that easy. For some, the holidays are a time of loneliness. My heart goes out to anyone who feels alone on this day; I genuinely hope you are able to find something that makes you happy. Even though it may be hard now, doesn't mean it's going to last forever. You may not feel like it, but there is always somewhere you are welcome to call home. Please remember on this day, even though you may be spending the holiday on your own, that no one is ever truly alone. 

Today I am thankful for life's ability to continuously change. Nothing lasts forever and that's a good thing. Be thankful for what you have now, what you had, and what the future will hold for you. 

Happy thanksgiving, everybody. Remember to give thanks for all of the miracles in your life and for everything that makes you feel good - whatever that may be.

xo Cee

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