The Normcore Slump

My wardrobe went through a serious depression last year. I basically lived in my white Theory tank by combining it with every and any option I could.

Under a flannel? Check.
Tucked in to a maxi skirt? Check.
Half-tucked out? Check.

I literally wore that thing to it's death. Now it's stretched out, discolored, and not very pretty looking. 


Simple investment pieces like a plain white shirt are ideally smart, considering the amount of uses you'll get out of it. But the issue is their longevity is seriously limited given how much wear and tear they will go through. I continuously find myself putting together an outfit, only to want to match my good, old trustee Theory tank with it...and when I do, I find it extremely unappealing, worn-out, and discolored. But yet, I can't bring myself to invest in another plain white tee only to know it'll get extremely messed up again. 

So, now what? Am I just supposed to sit here dumbfounded until I find another reliable, albeit boring shirt to wear with everything? 

I've since realized the normcore trend is a blessing and a curse. There's a reason for normcore's popularity. The benefit of wearing basics is that it's seemingly timeless and super easy to swap out simple staples with whatever you're wearing. The curse lies, however, in extreme boredom of such a wardrobe that lacks much excitement. As of late, I often find myself grazing the racks for the most out-of-the-box patterns in rebellion to my normcore phase.

So, what's next? I wonder if I'll ever truly be able to escape the inevitability of purchasing yet another plain top to pair with my plain shoes and plain-ass pants.

(Nope. The answer is nope.) Because of it's timelessness and versatility, I don't think this trend will be going anywhere just yet. Or ever.

I strongly believe the trend of Plain Jane is here to stay. So get out your grandma's Macy's coupons, and prepare yourself for minimalism at it's finest.

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