Urban Warrior

J.Crew Silk Blouse, Gypsy Warrior Necklace, CarMar Leather Skinny PantsFendi Vintage Handbag, Frye Billy Short Boots, Mixed Bracelets, Vintage Silver Ring

I recently went through a wardrobe crisis where I decided to get rid of mostly every patterned or colorful article of clothing in my closet. I only kept neutrals and earth tones. Besides the fact that all of my friends have called me crazy - (I blame it on OCD...obsessive closet disorder) - I feel like my new wardrobe palette is a better reflection of who I am, and much easier to layer. However, when a local boutique listed this colorful and fabulous turquoise and red bib necklace, I had to have it. I love the idea of any simple outfit paired with fun accessories. This deep navy blue blouse is the perfect backdrop to this necklace.

I'm a big fan of mixing black and brown, which a lot of people tend to shy away from. When done right, it can be a perfect way to add depth to a look. I styled this ensemble with my grandmother's vintage Fendi purse, which picks up the brown in my Frye cowboy boots. Worn here as an oversized clutch, the Fendi bag is actually an oversized tote. After spending years folded in half in my grandmother's closet, it has a crease down the middle. So I just worked with it and realized that turning it into a oversized clutch adds versatility and uniqueness, when branded designs usually tend to look a bit overdone.