On Being a Go-Getter

Self Value

I've learned this the hard way. Always remember that you're worth it. 

We put in hard work at our jobs, in relationships, at school, etc. No matter which part of our lives is our main focus, I think we can all agree that we put in work to get something out of it. (If it's at our job, we work hard to make more money. At school, we work hard to get good grades, etc.)

Sometimes all of the work that we put into our jobs, school, or relationships can seem like it goes unnoticed. When going the extra mile isn't recognized, it can be hard to feel good about the hard work you put in. It's a tough pill to swallow, but we must learn that the value of our efforts shouldn't be measured by other's ability to recognize them. Keep working hard for what you want because YOU want it.

If you are aware of something you want to fix, start working on it. Don't expect it to happen overnight, but believe in yourself and you will get there. When you believe in yourself, you will know how to fight for what you want. 

xo Cee

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