MCBMJ: Miley Cyrus by Marc Jacobs

MCBMJ, also known as what I'd like to imagine being Miley Cyrus by Marc Jacobs (one could dream). I'm not ashamed to attest my love for Miley. The girl knows exactly what the hell she's doing. She's a pop culture star. Who gets paid. To be popular. With news buzzing around as fast as it does, Miley always manages to stir up something new for people to talk about.

Are some of her actions considerably disgusting? Is she an awful role model? Sexist? You could argue that, yes, and often people do. But I like to think about what she's doing in a different light.

She chopped off her hair. Shocking? Yes. Oh-my-God-the-world's-going-to-end? No. It's HAIR. And if she had to, this bitch knows more about wigs than anyone. You know, she kind of made a career out of it on her career-launching TV show, Hannah Montana.

Miley has commented on how confident her short hair makes her feel, so why can't we just appreciate that for what it is?

So, she had too much fun on stage with a giant foam finger. You mean to tell me there hasn't been a VMA performance that's made your eyeballs pop out of your head? I literally remember being in elementary school watching Britney Spears perform on the VMA's with her nipples peeping through her white crop top. HER NIPPLES. 10 year old me was appalled. (I thought those things were supposed to be private!)

And then there's Mary Jane. Miley does post numerous references to the cannabis plant, including her own dog's name. I'm not endorsing marijuana, nor am I defending her consistent references to the effects of smoking it. But what I am saying is: why do we continue to knock Miley for sharing what she does in her spare time when plenty other celebs do the same exact thing? Eh-hem, Rihanna, for example. Rihanna's from the Caribbean- does that make it any more acceptable to broadcast to the whole world that she loves smoking weed? I think not. You want true equality? Cut out the ----. I call it like I see it.

There's so many more things she is publicly criticized about - her clothes, the words that come out of her mouth, her lyrics, her nude music videos... I can literally talk myself into a wall, but I don't want to sit here forever chatting about Miley Cyrus. And I'm sure you don't give a damn to read that much about her either.

If you take anything away from this extremely enlightening post, I hope that it's that we learn to stop judging the shit out of a celebrity persona. The last time I checked, gurl is making BANK from twerking on stage.

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