Lean Back

| Blouse: Forever 21 | Harem Pants: Thrifted | Booties: Thrifted |
| Bracelets: Vintage, MR Dannijo | Rings: Vintage | Lipstick: Laura Mercier |

It seems to me that the instant accessibility of trends has stunted the progression of people’s individual style. For example, cut off shorts, which stereotypically say: I’m a ho, but I’m edgy too. I like my coffee black, and food? Vegetarian. (Kidding…?) Everyone and their mother have found a way to look good in their dad’s cut up jeans. So, I’m not gonna sit here and post about how fashionable I look in trendy shorts that I got for $9.00 in a dirty bucket of old clothes. You get the idea.

Simple trends are the most accessible, but if we put more of an effort into what we purchase, we can truly find things that speak to us without breaking the bank. A bit of humor should be injected into every outfit as a reminder to not take everything so seriously.

Now, I don't know why pants with a huge crotch spoke to me, but I've always liked the silhouette of harem pants. They perfectly accent a woman's curves... even though some of us, like me, don't need any more curves in the bottom area. This particular pair with excessive folded over maternity fabric just did it for me. I'm not quite sure what message they send out, but take it as you wish. The art of fashion (and a good sense of humor) is an amazing thing.

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